Inspections and Maintenance of Stormwater Treatment Systems

water_runoffWhat you need to know

  • Stormwater treatment systems have a maximum storage capacity as well as other possible wear and tear that should be monitored. Systems should be inspected annually, at a minimum. A well maintained system will not pollute downstream and will continue to operate efficiently.
  • If pollution is found to be discharging from a system not regularly inspected or maintained, the owner is at risk of being fined by the City they are located in.

How we are here to help

  • Rainwater Management Inspection and Maintenance services will provide an Inspection Report and if a clean-out is required, we will coordinate a vacuum truck at your convenience to remove sediment, debris and trash.
  • What happens if a repair is recommended? We will provide a solution at the same time to have your system in satisfactory condition as quickly as possible.
  • Our team is certified in Confined Space Entry.

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Pete on a jobsite for CDS installation

Peter Law, P.Eng.

Graduated from UBC Civil Engineering in 1995 Established Rainwater Management in 2006. 5 years as the Stormceptor representative.

Enjoys: Family time with my wife and 2 kids, playing hockey on a local Port Coquitlam old-timers team, spending time out on the water waterskiing / wakeboarding, mountain biking, snow skiing, and fishing.

Adam at Ocean Pipe for CDS pre-installation

Adam Perczyk, AScT, C.E.T.

Graduated from BCIT Civil Engineering in 2006. 2 years as the Vortechnics representative.

Enjoys: Family time with my wife and daughter, playing guitar, golf, snowboarding, mountain biking and spending time in beautiful Golden Ears Park (trails, beach, BBQ).
Stormwater System Inspection

Stormwater System Inspection

Stormwater System Clean Out

Stormwater System Clean Out

CDS Technologies System Collects Trash

CDS Technologies System Collects Trash