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Rainwater Management continues to offer a direct screening Oil/Grit Separator OGS as we have since our inception. The RWM-SS model has been tested based on the ETV Canada Procedure for testing Oil-Grit separators for sediment removal, oil capture and scour. Contact us to discuss which OGS is best suited for your application.

The RWM-SS screen separation technology effectively screens, separates and traps debris, sediment and oil/grease from stormwater runoff. The non-blocking screen allows for 100% removal of floatable debris and neutrally buoyant material 2.4mm and larger. The system is available in both inline and offline options and can be used as a bend structure as it can handle multiple inlet pipes that can be as close as 90 degrees to the outlet depending on the pipe and manhole size.

RWM-SS System Benefits

  • Widely accepted technology makes permitting easier
  • Screening traps 100% of material 2.4 mm and larger
  • Cost effectively removes a wide range of pollutants
  • Isolated sump eliminates captured sediment washout and re-suspension
  • Customizable / flexible design overcomes multiple site constraints and accommodates a wide range of treatment options

The concrete portions of our OGS units are supplied by local pre-casters in the Vancouver area, Calgary, and Saskatchewan. Manitoba is serviced by Saskatchewan.

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