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Pete Law (P.Eng.) created Rainwater Management Ltd (RWM) in Spring 2006. He grew up in a world of construction with his father being a contractor. So, a career path in Civil Engineering fit well. Mid-career he was approached with an opportunity to sell CDS Treatment Systems. CDS was the first product brought on and remains the main product provided by RWM.

RWM operated out of Pete’s home and within a few years began to grow beyond the capacity of a single employee. In 2010 Adam Perczyk (AScT, C.E.T.) joined. During the next couple of years business continued to grow, and while working at Pete’s kitchen table they made the decision to move all business operations into their current Port Coquitlam office/warehouse location. RWM continues to grow, providing services to Western Canada (BC, AB, SK and MB). Pete and Adam’s experience and timely one-on-one approach gives customers peace of mind. They strongly feel a responsibility to their customers and the environment.

Another two key team members who cannot go unmentioned are: Tracy Bowyer (Human Resources) and Serena Perczyk (Operations). They keep the team motivated and a step ahead with their knowledge, commitment to excellence and support.

What RWM employees love most is that everyone is family. They have an atmosphere where the success of each team member in life and at work is a priority to everyone. This includes motivating each other to show up early before work, Monday-Friday, for a cross-fit inspired workout. Goals and life achievements, both work and personal, are encouraged to the fullest.

RWM also strongly believes in the value of continued education and professional development. Pete and Adam set a great example by regularly attending workshops, seminars, trade-shows, taking outside courses, and studying materials so they have the most up-to-date industry knowledge and relationships.


Pete on a jobsite for CDS installation

Peter Law, P.Eng.

Graduated from UBC Civil Engineering in 1995 Established Rainwater Management in 2006. 5 years as the Stormceptor representative.

Enjoys: Family time with my wife and 2 kids, playing hockey on a local Port Coquitlam old-timers team, spending time out on the water waterskiing / wakeboarding, mountain biking, snow skiing, and fishing.

Adam at Ocean Pipe for CDS pre-installation

Adam Perczyk, AScT, C.E.T.

Graduated from BCIT Civil Engineering in 2006. 2 years as the Vortechnics representative.

Enjoys: Family time with my wife and daughter, playing guitar, golf, snowboarding, mountain biking and spending time in beautiful Golden Ears Park (trails, beach, BBQ).
Stormwater System Inspection

Stormwater System Inspection

Stormwater System Clean Out

Stormwater System Clean Out

CDS Technologies System Collects Trash

CDS Technologies System Collects Trash