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Our Story

Pete Law (P.Eng.) created Rainwater Management Ltd (RWM) in Spring 2006. He grew up in a world of construction with his father being a contractor who did mainly Civil work. So, a career path in Civil Engineering fit well. Pete spent a few years working in the pre-cast concrete industry as the Stormceptor representative where he learned not only about stormwater treatment but also about the manufacturing and application of pre-cast concrete products (pipe, box culvert, vaults, manholes, catchbasins etc.). An opportunity arose to represent a Stormwater Treatment system and thus began Rainwater Management.

Our Team

Peter Law


  • Graduated from UBC Civil Engineering in 1995.
  • Established Rainwater Management in 2006.
  • 5 years as the Stormceptor representative.

Adam Perczyk

AScT, C.E.T.

  • Graduated from BCIT Civil Engineering in 2006.
  • Joined Rainwater Management in 2010 and is now a partner.
  • 2 years as the Vortechnics representative.

Mariusz Kaluski

AScT, C.E.T.

  • Graduated from BCIT Mechanical Drafting and Design in 2001. Also Graduated from BCIT Mechanical Engineering in 2005.
  • Started with Rainwater Management in April 2019.