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We offer gates in 304L SS or 316L SS for water treatment facilities, stormwater systems, reservoirs, irrigation systems, flood control etc. Depending on the application, gates are built to meet and exceed the AWWA C561 guidelines that determine acceptable leakage rates, materials, safety factors etc. Standard design allows for a seating/un-seating head of 10 m. The gates can be designed to accommodate higher head. Each gate is tested prior to shipping to ensure it operates properly and is below the maximum leakage rates allowed.

We also build gates to meet the AWWA leakage requirements only. These are still robust gates built with a comfortable factor of safety that will provide a long design life and reliable operation.

We offer a complete range of slide gates (also referred to as sluice gates) in a full range of sizes starting at 200 mm all the way up to 3050 mm. These are typically square openings but they can also be configured as rectangular openings for oval or rectangular pipe openings. Contact Rainwater Management if the size you need is not shown or you would prefer a custom configuration.

The stainless steel construction and wedged flap seals ensure a long life with minimal maintenance over the life of the installation.

The gates can be mounted on round or flat surfaces, on a thimble and on a flange. The openings and frames can be built to suit the application ensuring proper functioning, a good fit and an easy installation.

When specifying a gate to be installed over a pipe, it is recommended to upsize the gate to make sure that all the anchors will be fastened into solid concrete, outside of the grout that fills in the core hole for the pipe. This is especially important when concrete pipe is utilized as the oversized core holes can be significantly larger than the pipe opening.

Rainwater Management prides itself on our fast response to designers and contractor’s needs. Our business has been built on supplying quality product in a timely manner.

Rainwater Management slide gates are 100% designed and manufactured in Canada.